Top 10 Degree Programs in Demand for a Great Future

These days, the competition in the job market is quite fierce. Companies prefer to hire people that have completed degree courses. However, completing a degree course is not enough; you need to make sure that the field in which you want to pursue a degree is good enough to ensure a high paying job. Here we have tried to list down the top 10 popular degree programs that can get you best paying jobs leading to a great career.


1. Business Administration

Students who are good in math, communications, solving problems and have the knack to work in a team can go for business administration degree. You can master the skills of financing, accounting, marketing, international business, etc. that will help you in leading a company in the future. It is one of the most sought after degree programs in the world.

2. Engineering

If you wish to excel in science and technology, engineering is the best degree course for you. There are plenty of specialization options available in engineering such as computing, automotive, environment, IT, etc. An engineer can not only get a high salary job but also stand a chance in topnotch company.

3. Medicine

Many students aspire to complete medical degree courses like MBBS and MD. In medicine, you will find diverse career opportunities like becoming a dentist, general practitioner, ophthalmologist, psychiatrist, brain surgeon, gynecologist, etc.

4. Psychology

If you are interested in knowing why the human brain reacts in a certain manner in different situations and conditions, such interests can be best pursued through psychology. After getting a bachelor’s degree in psychology, you can go ahead and do your master’s in even more specific field such as clinical psychology.

5. Communications

If you are comfortable in speaking and interacting confidently in front of audience, a career in communications can be very suitable for you. While pursuing this career, you will learn how to interact with different kinds of people in different situations. You can also interact in non-verbal messages and new technology communication modes like internet and advertisements.

6. Teaching

After completing Bachelor in Education and Master of Education, one can work as a teacher or professor in an education institution. From kindergarten to universities to private classes, you have plenty of job opportunities. Also, you can start your own private tuitions.

7. Computer Science

The IT industry is flourishing exponentially. Companies and business owners prefer to hire IT professionals for handling the technological aspects of their firm. Computer science gives you diverse career options such as that of a programmer or an animator.

8. Nursing

Pursuing a career of nurse can be a great career decision. Your job as a nurse will involve taking care of patients, evaluating their health condition, diagnosing and treating. A degree course in nursing will let you learn how to use sophisticated equipment in the clinic. Once you are a certified nurse, you can get a job in any hospital or you can start private business of providing nursing services.

9. Biology

Education in biology provides you diversified options for growth in fields such as zoology, microbiology, botany, and environmental science. You can become an animal doctor, environmentalist, ecologist or even a researcher to cover the secrets of the nature or find a treatment for a disease.

10. Economics

The finance market keeps on rising and falling every now and then, and if you are fascinated about studying the market trends in detail, you can pursue a career in economics as your major. An economics degree will help you master the qualities of critical thinking. If you wish to start a business in future, a degree in economics can be very beneficial for you.