Top 10 Economics Universities in the World

When it comes to finding a good job in the private sector, you should have a Master’s or PhD degree under your belt. If you have acquired a degree in economics from a renowned institution, you can hope for the best job prospects and career opportunities. Following is our list of top 10 economics universities in the world.


1. Harvard University

The Harvard University is the most sought after colleges in the world for acquiring a degree in economics. Stats show that most number of undergraduates join the university to seek admission in economics. Some of the famous economists produced by this university include Jeffery Sachs, Susan Athey, Andrei Shleifer and N.Gregory Mankiw.

2. Stanford University

Thanks to the practical training made available at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, the Stanford University provides a good platform to become successful economists in the future. It offers many undergraduate courses and graduate courses like master’s degree, PhD minor and joint degree programs.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT has always ranked among the top three universities for pursuing career in economics. When it comes to stats, you will be surprised to know that only 50 percent of the students are from US, while the rest of enrolled students are from the other countries of the world. The undergraduate course encompasses microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics. Graduates can avail PhD program.

4. London School of Economics and Political Science

The University predominantly specializes in social sciences. It has got a huge library that contains over 4.5 million books from the world of economics and political science. The selection for undergraduates is quite stringent as compared to any other UK university. It offers undergraduate courses in streams like economics and economics history. It also offers other courses such as MPhil/PhD, MRes/PhD, MPA, and dual degree courses.

5. Yale University

With more than 35 well-experienced professors of economics, the Yale University offers the best economics education to its students. A good thing about the Yale University is that it specializes in Econometrics and Development Economics. It has produced many theorists and economists such as William Vikrey and Paul Krugman.

6. University of Oxford

The Department of Economics of the University of Oxford have some of the highly experienced professionals that continue to contribute to the world of modern economics and analysis. It offers undergraduate courses such BA in Economics & Management, BA in History & Economics, and BA in Philosophy, Politics & Economics and many more. Graduate courses offered by the university include Master in Economics for Development, Master in Financial Economics and DPhil.

7. University of California, Berkeley

The University is well-recognized for its merit in economics. It has produced five Nobel Prize award winners and several John Blates Clark Medal holders. It offers couple of undergraduate courses. For further studies, graduates can go for PhD degree.

8. University of Chicago

When compared with any other university that offers economics education, the University of Chicago’s Department of Economics has produced the most number of Nobel Laureates and John Blates Clark Medal holders. It offers BA in economics undergraduate degree course. Graduates can enroll for the Joint PhD program in Financial Economics.

9. Princeton University

Princeton University is known to produce some of the popular theorists and economists like John Nash, Paul Volcker and many more. The financial aid programs offered by the university make it possible for the students to attend the university. The university does not offer Master’s degree but a full-time 5 year PhD Program is available.

10. Columbia University

Whether it is theory or applied subjects, the Columbia University is familiar for its consistent efforts in research in economics. Compared to other renowned economics university, the Columbia University charges low tuition fees. Apart from undergraduate degree course, it also offers PhD graduate program.

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