Top 10 Engineering Universities in the World

Our life is influenced by various kinds of technologies. Technologies are brought to life by the collaborative efforts of engineers. Hence, becoming an engineer can bring to you a lucrative career option. Acquiring an engineering degree from a well-recognized university can help you secure a high-paying job. Here is the list of the top 10 engineering universities in the world.


1. School of Engineering – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology holds the top spot for the best engineering university in the world. It was started in 1861. Because the university emphasizes its students to concentrate more on practical knowledge, MIT has contributed with some of well-known researchers and developers to the world. It offers various graduate, undergraduate and professional degrees. It has received many citations and faculty awards for excellence in teaching. Its alumni have founded companies like Dropbox, 3Com, and Bose.

2. School of Engineering (Stanford University)

School of Engineering is one of the many famous graduate schools of the Stanford University. The dedicated school for engineering was established in 1926. The school is best known for its research and education facilities. It offers degree courses in aeronautics, astronautics, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science.

3. Imperial College London

The Faculty of Engineering of Imperial College London is quite popular across the globe for its education and research. The University was established in 1907. The academic departments include aeronautics, bioengineering, computing, earth science and engineering, electrical and electronic engineering and mechanical engineering. Outside US, it ranks as the most preferred engineering university.

4. Berkeley College of Engineering (University of California)

Berkeley College of Engineering was established in 1931 and since then it has been one of the preeminent engineering colleges in the world. The different departments of engineering include Bioengineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Nuclear Engineering. Douglas Engelbart and Rube Goldberg is the well-known alumnus of this university.

5. Cambridge University Engineering Department (University of Cambridge)

Being one of the oldest universities of the world, the University of Cambridge has always managed to rank among the best engineering universities of the world. It was established in 1825. It offers various engineering courses like chemical engineering, computer science, and manufacturing engineering.

6. Department of Engineering Science (University of Oxford)

The University of Oxford has 39 schools out of which the Department of Engineering Science is one of the well-acclaimed schools for engineering in the world. If offers various undergraduate and post graduate courses such as biomedical engineering and energy.

7. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is also known as ETH Zurich. It was established in 1855 and is located Canton of Zurich, Switzerland. In 1901, well-known scientist, Albert Einstein completed his diploma from this college. It offers various bachelor and master’s degrees in fields like architecture and civil engineering, engineering sciences, natural sciences and mathematics, and management and social sciences.

8. Faculty of Engineering (National University of Singapore)

NUS’s Faculty of Engineering was created in 1968. NSU has got various faculties like business school, computing, dentistry, and law. However, the largest faculty of the university is the faculty of engineering. It offers numerous undergraduate and graduate courses in fields like Industrial and Systems Engineering, Engineering Science, and Materials Science and Engineering.

9. Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering (University of Toronto)

Undoubtedly, the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering is the best university to become an engineer in Canada. It was founded in 1873. Some of the graduate programs offered by this University include Master of Engineering, Master of Health Science in Clinical Engineering, Master of Applied Science and Doctor of Philosophy.

10. School of Engineering (University of Tokyo)

The University of Tokyo was established in 1877. Out of the many faculties of the university, the School of Engineering is very popular. Even though it is an Asian university, every year scores of students from across the globe come to seek admission in this college. It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in civil engineering, applied physics, urban engineering, materials engineering, and mechanical engineering.

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