Top 10 Medical Universities in the World

Being a medical doctor has been a novel profession since a very long time. How good you do in this profession depends a lot on the school, college or university you get your degree from. A good medical college should have good research and medical training facilities. Given below are the top 10 medical universities in the world.


1. Harvard Medical School (Harvard University)

Harvard University is known to have the best medical school in the world. HMS was launched in 1782. MD and PhD degrees are offered by this university. For teaching, HMS is affiliated with many hospital and medical centers such as Cambridge Health Alliance, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and McLean Hospital.

2. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford offers the best medical degree courses in UK. In fact, studying in this beautiful institution is 3 times cheaper as compared to studying medicine in University of Harvard. It offers undergraduate and graduate degree courses in pharmacology, pathology, clinical embryology and many more.

3. Yale School of Medicine (Yale University)

The Yale School of Medicine was established in 1810. It has got a very vast medical library. The degree courses offered by the university include M.D and M.M.Sc. It also offers dual degree programs such as MD/JD, MD/MBA, and MD/PhD through the various graduate schools of Yale.

4. School of Clinical Medicine (University of Cambridge)

The School of Clinical Medicine was established in 1842. It offers state-of-the-art medical training facilities and research centers to its students. Its alumni include James Watson and Francis Crick who were awarded the Noble Prize in Medicine, for formulating the DNA structure.

5. Stanford School of Medicine (Stanford University)

Stanford University School of Medicine was founded in 1908. It is considered as one of the respected medical schools in the world. It offers various master degree programs in fields like Biomedical Informatics, Epidemiology, and Medicine. It also offers MD programs, multiple-degree programs and PhD programs.

6. Imperial College School of Medicine (Imperial College of London)

The medical school from Imperial College of London is called the Imperial College School of Medicine. It was established in 1997 after merging several well-known medical hospitals that were started in the 19th century. The Faculty of Medicine offers undergraduate courses like MBBS/BSc, Biomedical Sciences, and post graduate courses like MSc in Surgical Science, MSc in Molecular Medicine, etc.

7. Pritzker School of Medicine (University of Chicago)

Pritzker School of Medicine was founded in 1927. When it comes to physiology and medicine, this medical university has produced some of the well-known Nobel laureates. It offers MD and various dual degree programs like MD/JD, MD/MBA, MD/PhD and Medical Scientist Training Programs.

8. Institute of Medical Science (University of Tokyo)

Institute of Medical Science was launched in 1892 and is a part of the well-recognized University of Tokyo. It has got its own hospital for research. When it comes to education facilities and laboratories, the institute offers the best to its students.

9. Johns Hopkins University

Located at Baltimore, Maryland in US, the Johns Hopkins University has been one of the popular medical research and medical train institutes since the time it was launched in 1876. It is believed that most of the medical colleges in the US were built after they were inspired from this university.

10. McGill University

McGill University is the best medical college in Canada. In fact, it is so famous that every year hundreds of students from across the globe come to study medicine in this well-equipped university. The faculty came into existence in 1829. It is located at Montreal, Canada.

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