Top 10 Psychology Universities in the World

An undergraduate course in psychology mainly concentrates on learning the history and the beginning of psychology. If you want to do research or learn clinical application, you need to do some higher level courses in psychology. The success of your career depends a lot on the university you choose. Here is the list of top 10 psychology universities in the world.


1. Stanford University

The Department of Psychology of the Stanford University has not only ranked as the best psychology college in US but also it is well-acclaimed across the world. It has got over 15 separate psychology laboratories and topnotch research equipment. It offers graduate and undergraduate courses in affective, cognitive, developmental, social and neuro sciences.

2. Berkeley School of Psychology (University of California)

The degree program offered by the university is the PhD course in Cognition and Development. The foundation of the program was laid in the year 1965. Graduates can get employed at schools, colleges and mental health clinics.

3. University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign

Best known for research works, the University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign was established in 1867. Psychology is one of the major departments of this university and has received several awards for excellence in the past decades. The Department of Psychology came into existence in 1907. It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in behavioral neuroscience, brain and cognition, cognitive, quantitative and visual cognition and human performance.

4. University of Pennsylvania

The Department of Psychology of the University of Pennsylvania has consistently ranked among the top psychology universities of the world. When it comes to research, it gives you a wide assortment of research areas such as brain, cognitive and decision science, animal learning and behavior, memory and learning, sensation and perception and social and cultural psychology.

5. Yale University

The Department of Psychology, Yale University offers BA and BS in Psychology as major degrees. Graduate programs are offered in streams such as clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, and neuroscience and social/personality psychology.

6. University of Michigan

The Psychology Department emphasizes its students to concentrate more on experimental learning and research. This is what makes this university rank among the best psychology universities in the world. The department encompasses various areas of psychology like biopsychology, clinical science, social, and personality and social contacts.

7. University of Minnesota

Even though the University of Minnesota is not as famous as other universities mentioned in the list for psychology, it is equipped to facilitate distinctive style of learning applied science. Undergraduate courses include BA, BS and Honors BA or BS. Students can then specialize in the diverse field of psychology such as cognitive and brain sciences, school psychology, social psychology, counseling psychology and biological psychology.

8. Harvard University

Completing a psychology degree course from Harvard University (which is one of the best known universities in the world), can surely help you in getting placed at some of the best health and medical centers in the world. It offers undergraduate, graduate and PhD courses.

9. University of Chicago

The Department of Psychology of University of Chicago has been well-known for its interdisciplinary research facilities such as Center for Early Childhood Research, Institute for Mind and Biology and Spatial Intelligence and Learning Center. It offers undergraduate and doctoral programs.

10. Columbia University

University of Columbia is one of the leading universities that offer the best education in psychology. It offers post baccalaureate certificate program which is meant for those students who wish to graduate in psychology but did not do major in psychology. It also offers undergraduate and graduate degree courses.

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